About Valerie Hope

For the past 20 years, Valerie’s career has taken her to many different countries and to work with people of many cultures. She’s worked for Up with People, the international leadership program, the Dallas Regional Chamber of Commerce, and Hyatt Corporation in roles focused on public relations, training, recruitment, and leadership development.

In 2018, she launched into entrepreneurship as the CEO of her company, Connect to Joy, LLC, and serves as an assistant professor at the University of California–Berkeley. Her thought-provoking questions and unique strategies empower people from all walks of life. Her group workshops and one-on-one sessions are designed to go beyond concepts and data points, to shine a light on what has heart and meaning.
As a world-traveler, Valerie has developed and transformed leaders throughout Latin America, North America, and Europe to become more conscious, connected, and creative. While her delivery is fun, engaging, and playful, clients report breakthroughs in achieving meaningful goals, transforming relationships, and communicating with confidence.

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