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A message from our founder, Jennifer Banmiller
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Hi, I’m Jennifer Banmiller and I founded Hive80 for one very important reason – to help you understand and take control of all the critical facets of your health, and the health of those you love, in a medical system that has unfortunately become more inaccessible and opaque.

I started my career as a pro-consumer advocate in the product and drug recall business. Being front seat to watching hundreds of thousands of consumers that could never get help from the existing legal system even if a drug or product was clearly the culprit, it became clear that we as consumers had little voice to make change happen.

Women’s health and the health of so many minority and ethnic groups is drastically underserved — often the search for help is routinely dismissed as “in their heads”– causing more worry and even depression.

I saw first hand — thousands upon thousands of people who called looking for help that was never going to come. Since help was not on the way and the situation had become even more of an epidemic than we had ever seen, I knew we had to do more. 

I knew that if we could all help each other talk about health topics and really work together to solve them – connecting the dots from symptom-to-symptom, doctor-to doctor, and city-to-city, that maybe the next mesh, Juul, or opioid addiction would not happen. 

That’s when the idea for Hive80 was born.

Hive80 is a place where you can become quickly informed about health conditions or concerns you may have, share questions, answers and ideas with others in the Hive80 community. It is a safe place to explore the worries many of us often have – (with your privacy fully protected) — but it is also a place to celebrate your health insights and victories with others who are in the same boat as you, and to share valuable support and feedback together. It is a place where you will be able to access incredibly valuable resources – research, hospitals, doctors, wellness experts and much more – in order to make your personal health journey as positive and successful as it can be

Jennifer Stanich-Banmiller

We are all far more alike than different and we all have similar issues we are working through. There are truly so many amazing doctors, hospitals, facilities, and wellness experts out there, but access is key and often hard to come by. Recently, and especially since COVID entered our world, seeking medical and wellness advice online has become an integral part of most people’s day to day lives. 

The more we share the better chance we have of making a difference in a system we all depend on. Our goal is to help consumers not feel forsaken, but hopeful. It is important that health and wellness are inclusive; it can’t be for some and not for others or we just won’t have a healthy society. Everybody should count.

Hive80 is here to help you celebrate and explore. We will constantly be adding expert podcasts, videos, interactive events, forms and so much more. At the same time our hope is that you continue to “join the conversations” sharing with your community while learning and thriving with each other. 

We value and trust you. We always want your feedback so we can make Hive80 the best it can be for all of us. Thank you for being a part of this Hive80 journey with us. 

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