• Phone is unable to scan the QR-Code using the app

    I reach out to you today because I’m stuck with this problem.

    I’m a new Passbolt user and I try to set it up on my phone, it’s a Fairphone 4.

    I’ve been able to start the “mobile transfert” on the browser, I can see the QR-Code, I started the “Scan QR codes” procedure on the mobile phone but then the app cannot scan the code.

    The help text says “Aim the camera at the QR Code” but when I do nothing happen.

    What I tried to do to solve the problem:

    Enable debug logs

    There is only debug info about the device, etc.

    Here is the full content:

    Device: Fairphone FP4
    Android 11 (30)
    Passbolt 1.3.0-4

    Try to scan the QR-Code with another scanning app

    Works! I could see the content of the QR-Code, some JSON encoded data.

    Try to generate another QR-Code with the same content

    Since it seems like a scanning issue, I tried to put the content of the QR-Code created by Passbolt into a new one generated with different configurations (correction level, etc.) but without success, I couldn’t scan any of them.

    Try to follow the procedure with another phone

    I could complete the procedure with another phone, everything went smoothly.

    (But, of course, I would like to do it on my usual phone for obvious reasons.)

    I’m out of ideas to keep debugging the problem, any help would be much appreciated!

    Thank you!

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    • I had this problem on my old phone… I found if I increased the size of the QR code on my browser via Ctrl + ‘+’ it was able to read it better. I figured at the time that the density of the code was more than the sensor resolution of the camera could handle, or something like that. Worth a try, at least.
    • Is the Evil Dead Game Good?

      1 Comment
      • Hey there! I understand where you’re coming from, it’s important to be honest about our opinions when it comes to video games. I haven’t seen the trailers or gameplay for the specific game you’re referring to, but it’s always a bummer when a game doesn’t live up to our expectations. On a different note, have you ever tried playing any casual games like bingo apps real money https://joywallet.com/article/best-bingo-apps-to-win-real-money/ ? They can be a fun way to pass the time and potentially even win some money! Just a suggestion if you’re looking for a different type of gaming experience.
      • Stock Market Advice please.

        A few months ago I pulled my entire 401k out of stocks and put it in safe. It was pretty obvious that FJB was screwing everything up and had no plans to stop. As B. Hussein Obama said, “don’t underestimate Joe Biden’s ability to F things up.” Anyway, the stock market kept going up and I was kicking myself. Now that it is dropping I am eager to move everything back into mutual funds. Obviously nobody can time the market, but I know there are several guys on here that do this stuff for a living and are much smarter than me. So here’s my question: I’m 50 and have 11.5 years left before I retire. Should I just put it back in and not worry about it or wait until I feel like it has bottomed out? I know it’s a gamble either way, but which of those 2 options would you choose?

        • If I were you, I would study the market, try trading on the stock exchange, since with proper knowledge you will always come out in a plus
          • If you’re looking to get into trading, there are plenty of resources out there for beginners. A lot of people recommend starting with paper trading or using a demo account to practice and get a feel for how things work. It can be pretty overwhelming at first, but once you get the hang of it, trading can be a lot of fun. As for how to trade, there are a ton of different strategies out there, from day trading to swing trading to long-term investing. It really depends on your goals and risk tolerance. Some people like to focus on technical analysis, using charts and indicators to identify trends and make decisions.
          • WooCommerce – recommended?
            Anybody here using or has used WooCommerce for their business? Is it reliable \ stable? Does it perform well in terms of page speed \ SEO rankings etc? Who would you recommend to host it?
            Would love to hear from people that actually use it rather than blog posts and articles writing about how good it is.

            We have been using Shopify for the past five years for our main website, but it has been going downhill over the past 12 months. I’ve lost count how many times it’s had issues with admin, or checkout, or reporting, or even just completely gone down sometimes 🙁

            I’m apprehensive about self hosted ecommerce because I’ve tried using OpenCart before on Siteground a good few years ago and it was a nightmare – things were always going wrong lol.

            • I have a business too, so I know it can be overwhelming. For me, the most challenging part was to handle my finances
              • In terms of page speed and SEO, WooCommerce is known to perform well, especially if you take the time to optimize your site properly. As for hosting, I’ve heard good things about hosting with managed WordPress hosts like WP Engine or Kinsta.
                But it is also important to check other platforms to see what fits you the best, especially if there’s a free trial. You could also reach out succession advisors to help you with your choice. Hope it helps
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