• Log House
    I am dreaming of building a log house somewhere in the MD of Foothills. The land would be bare, hoping for a drilled well.

    The house specification:
    2000 sq ft.
    Three bedrooms (Loft)

    Are there any builders or contractors here, or do have first-hand recommendations? Either pm or post

    What is the guesstimate for the cost of turnkey?

    Greatly appreciate it

  • Adventure Moto Ride and Camp Run August 2023
    We’re putting together our annual Adventure Ride for this year. We’ve narrowed it down to August or September and in the process of finalizing the route. The run will start and return to the Denver area and be approx 5 days of riding and camping. It’ll include several high passes, river crossings and some Colorado/Utah desert. You’ll need to carry all your gear, food and supplies with you. This is not a super tough run but, you will be challenged. Any dual sport/adventure bike between a 400 to a 1200 will be suitable. Weather is typical Colorado high country weather and Utah desert weather. It’s not uncommon to have sun, rain, snow, hail and a clear night all in one day.
    As more details are finalized I’ll post them up. If interested, lmk. Any questions, please ask.

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    • Your adventure ride sounds epic! Riding through Colorado and Utah’s diverse landscapes must be thrilling. Carrying gear and facing changing weather adds to the adventure. If I were closer, I’d be in for sure! Also, here you can find the best places to live in Memphis if you like traveling there. Have a blast, and stay safe out there.
    • The Gym
      I haven’t been to a gym in ages. After Christmas, I decided that I really needed to lose a few kilos and get fitter. So I joined my local David Lloyd club and I have so far been going three times a week for the past three weeks. I was very nervous at first. The people, the noise, the light, the temperature all make me anxious. I have now learnt to try and zone out with my noise-cancelling earbuds and it seems to be working. I hope to commit to going three times a week at least because the membership is expensive.

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      • I totally get where you’re coming from! Going back to the gym can be nerve-wracking, but kudos to you for taking that step. Noise-canceling earbuds are a game-changer for sure. Keep up the good work, and with time, it’ll become second nature. I also joined these fitness classes recently https://hitsona.com/shrewsbury/ . The investment in your health is worth it!
      • music time

        what are you listening to?

        I’ll go first!!!

        • Hey, it’s music time! 🎶 There’s nothing quite like the joy of diving into a world of melodies and rhythms. Whether you’re jamming with friends, strumming a guitar, or even learning to play the concertina accordion, music brings people together and makes life a little brighter. So, here’s to all the music lovers out there—let’s keep the tunes flowing and the good vibes going! Rock on! 🤘😄
          • it’s music time! What’s on your playlist today?
          • Bad news for you IPTV streamers
            Font Terrestrial plant Grass Rectangle Recreation Font Terrestrial plant Grass Rectangle Recreation

            Quick! Throw your televisions and laptops out the window!


            • Last I heard, OTA & DTV/DISH were still better than cable & streaming but that may have changed recently. Apple TV seems to stream at the highest bitrates though.
              • I have a very good IPTV Service to be honest. Never had one so stable and as for them knocking my door, I just wouldn’t answer.
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