Crystal Mesh Book

by Alicia Mundy (Author), Jennifer Banmiller (Author)

The inside story of mesh and how women’s health was traded for quick cash.
This is a story about greed.
The story of vaginal mesh and genital mutilation has all the makings of a Hollywood blockbuster—billions of dollars, vulnerable women patients, Lamborghinis and ski trips dangled in front of doctors, and scandalous corporate emails. But it’s not a movie. It is real life, and real women are left suffering in the wake of capitalism gone wild.

Statutory Vape Audio Book

by Jennifer Banmiller (Author), Wilson Tsai (Author)

What began as a master’s thesis for two graduate students ended up as the impetus for one of the most treacherous tricks ever played on the American people and particularly on teens and young adults.Insisting that their product was a smoking cessation product, Adam Bowen and James Monsees, backed by Big Tobacco companies who saw a way back into the youth smoking market share, created the most enticing and cool E-cigarette products imaginable; not in your dreams but in your worst nightmares. The marketing was purposeful. First, through packaging, using high-tech, teen-cool, easily hidden devices called vape pens, reminiscent of Apple products, both colorful and sleek. Next, through flavorings, from bubble-gum to fruit loops to mint, specifically designed to appeal to young adults and teens.Naturally the products were promoted heavily on social media, with advertisements by celebrities and the ultra-popular, denoting a jet-set life of coolness, travel and excitement. But most disturbing and dangerous, along with chemicals and metals that aided combustion, was the amount of nicotine put into the products, often twice as much as in a traditional cigarette, almost impossible to resist becoming addicted to, especially if you were a teen or young adult. Even worse, the effect on a young person’s still-developing brain, and their lungs, were treacherous, and rapid in a way not seen before. No scientific testing was done to protect the public prior to the release of these products. And in the face of all this injury and death, Juul and other E-cig companies only made minor changes to their products and methods when pressured, and even now, as the CDC declares a national vaping epidemic and every state in the US has enacted laws to protect citizens, and over 60 people have died and thousands are permanently injured, these companies continue to profit. In Statutory Vape, you’ll read how easy it actually was to perpetrate such a dangerous product, about how a simple design supposedly created for one use became a public health hazard once dollars were the prize, about the lack of scientific testing prior to the release of vapes, and about what is being done now so this never happens again.

written by Jimmy McGonigle -Founder of Find a Cure RX and so much more

“No Place For Common Sense” is a FREE audio book, based on Jimmy McGonigle’s real life journey. Through his own unique story telling style, Jimmy shares his outlook and the events that led to him becoming one of America’s few documented serial entrepreneurs. The goal of this book is simply to provide the listener with a positive story that focuses on the importance of self confidence and how it impacts everyone’s journey in life to find happiness and success.
Narrated by Jimmy McGonigle–one of America’s few 5-time serial entrepreneurs whose companies include Ventnor Corp., a “blind pool”, that raised $80,000 but wound up having a market cap of over $120,000,000 in less than 5 years!
Listen to this chapter to get an insight into Jimmy McGonigle and his way of thinking

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