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Healthcare and insurance in today’s world is confusing and overwhelming. Hive80 is here to help you navigate for your optimal care, giving you the resources to find the best physician fit, the most current healthcare information and lots of other useful tools and updates.

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Healthgrades is an online resource for patients to find and connect with the right doctor or hospital. They help people find and connect with healthcare providers who can treat their specific health conditions. You can search for top-rated doctors or hospitals on the site, read what other patients have to say about them, and book an appointment.

Healthgrades Directory

Mira Information

Mira is a membership for you to get a la carte healthcare services like preventive and urgent care, STD tests, and other lab tests. You pay a small monthly fee and pay as you go when needing care, instead of paying thousands upfront in premiums.

Healthcare is broken and expensive. For every dollar you spend at the doctor office, 30-40 cents is going toward overhead, insurance billing and collection.

On top of that, annual insurance premiums for a family is now over $20,000—with thousands of dollars in deductibles.

Mira partners directly with healthcare providers and moves them to a much simpler system. We negotiate on your behalf to get the best rates. Instead of making money on administering claims, our sole source of revenue are monthly membership fees.

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