About Shawn Comboy

With over 30 years experience in Fortune 100 companies in both the United States and Europe, Shawn is an expert at developing the next generation of transformative leaders. As a certified Executive Coach, her clients are representative of the most elite industries—encompassing the private sector, public sector, and non-profit fields in the areas of technology, retail, logistics, education, and entrepreneurship.

As a leader and Executive Coach, Shawn’s strength lies in her ability to isolate what lies at the heart of the matter and provide a framework & perspective for her clients to achieve success.

In the corporate world, her focus was on building / driving high performing sales organizations and leading through dramatic organizational change. As a specialist in restructure and scaling company expansions, her background is an asset that allows her to understand the unique challenges, opportunities, and crossroads that leaders face.

On a global level, she’s worked across Europe to optimize the performance of some of the most successful sales organizations in the world. This has given her an appreciation for and the ability to help her clients navigate the challenges & opportunities of cultural diversity and history.

Shawn is a certified facilitator, delivering & authoring corporate leadership development & sales curriculums.

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