About Doctor Buonfiglio

Dr. Buonfiglio is a clinical psychologist in private practice, Berkeley-certified executive coach, the 2020 CPA convention chair, president-elect of the California Psychological Association, past president of the San Francisco Psychological Association, and the chairperson of the clinical advisory board at IVY Labs. I am passionate about psychology and business and the intersection of the two.

I specialize in helping others live the lives they desire through identifying obstacles that are in their way and developing an action plan to effect change. If we work together, our journey will foster personal and professional well-being. We will examine your life, consider your dreams and aspirations, and set you on a path to making them a reality.

I really like people, and I always have. I am fortunate to be able to enjoy what I do! I get to be curious and learn about the way people think, how they may feel, and what is working and not working for them. We talk, we listen, and we learn. We grow through the experience.
Whether I am operating as a psychologist or as an executive coach, I am significantly engaged in your change process. Your goals are my goals, and I am dedicated to helping you reach them. You will experience me as passionate, concerned, empathetic, direct (when called for), active, amiable, genuine, and non-judgmental. I engage clients by asking thoughtful questions, sharing stories as appropriate, and allowing my personality to come through in sessions.

I am committed to helping you optimize your life. I believe the key factors in fostering a happy and healthy life are developing awareness; cognitive flexibility; identifying options, alternatives, and choices; living a balanced life; being authentic; and engaging in what has heart and meaning. I look forward to accompanying you on your journey to wellness, success, and vitality.
Dr. Buonfiglio received his Degree in the field of Clinical Psychology, and his Certification in Executive Coaching from the Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute.

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