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Looking for a few minecraft builders

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last updated by AvramFaind 1 month ago
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      We are creating a minecraft server, and we need a few builders anyone who knows some Java is also welcome to join us, posts or pms or always welcome hope to hear from you soon!

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      Can’t help ya

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      I am currently studying at the Faculty of Computer Science. I only know a little Java, and I would really like to participate in any development, as I am sure it would help me a lot. I would probably gain experience in development that would be useful to me later. I have a basic Java level, but since you say you need people who know only a little Java, I’m ready to join you. I only once participated in modeling one of the minecraft prison servers, so I have some experience in this field. Still, I have never developed anything in Java for Minecraft. I would be glad if you would write to me.

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