Hive80 Essential Reusable Everyday Masks

We hope these masks help keep you safe and healthy.

Please know that no matter who wears the mask, we here at Hive80 care about your well being. Even though we may not know you personally, we care about your safety and wellness because we are all in this together.

  • These reversible, eco-friendly masks were made in California in an all-green printing and manufacturing facility.
  • The masks are made of recyclable materials that wick away moisture immediately and will never pollute our earth or punish her for our necessity to wear masks now and in the near future.
  • Made in the USA with love, hope, community, and most of all, gratefulness to be a part of helping, even in our small way.

Bundle and Save!

Free shipping on all masks
We will try our best to deliver your mask(s) within 3 to 5 business days of receiving your order.

For custom orders of 250 masks or more please reach out to us at

1 Mask
$21.95 each
3 Masks
$17.95 each
Use Discount code
5 Masks
$14.95 each
Use Discount code

Shout outs & all things positive




Gotta have faith…

To support relief efforts, we will be making donations to one or more [charities/causes/healthcare organizations] during this challenging time. Please fill out this form to nominate causes you believe are worthy of our consideration. Please note that we will evaluate each submission, but providing a submission does not guarantee that we will make a donation to your cause.

These are non-medical masks and should not be used in any surgical or clinical setting. These masks are not guaranteed to prevent infection or the transmission of viruses or disease.

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