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Our mission is you, us, community, sharing and humanity, by creating a healthier and more connected world. We have built the platform to connect good people to great support. Good and bad—experiences with doctors, hospitals, and healthcare will be shared. Drugs, devices and alternative treatments covered. From cancer diagnosis and treatment to the pilgrimage to stay healthy and young. We’re here to connect the support seekers, the 80% plus, and encourage humans to be there for humans again. The more users we have, the more everyone benefits.

We have a lot of great features unique to hive80.com, so the following is a quick, step-by-step guide to help get you started.
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Creating Your Hive80 Account

Watch the video to the left to explore the basics of creating your Hive80 account. Our quick and easy tutorials will make signing up and signing in a breeze. Then scroll down to explore our tutorials for other Hive80 features and discover how to get the most out of your Hive80 experience!

Sign up/ Sign In (1:38)
Hive80 Find A Cure Rx (5:08)
Free Resource Center (2:38)
Physician and Wellness Center Overview (0:52)
Physician and Wellness Center - Insurance Tools (0:52)
Physician and Wellness Center - Anatomy (0:56)
Hive Posting and Activity (2:22)

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