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“The Annie” – Medication Log

A simple medication log to help you and your caregiver track all medication and supplement use. Keeping a detailed log will help all involved in the daily care know exactly what is needed and what has already been taken so there will be little room for error. This form can also be used for pets and children.

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“The Bridget” – Body Functions/Symptoms Form

A chart meant to assist logging all physical activities, be they discomforts, intakes, outputs or sleep. All of these bodily functions help with overall health and are important to remember during recovery so you can treat your body as a whole. This form can also be used for pets and children.

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“The Edith” – Family & Friend Caregiver Tips

A list of tips that we’ve gathered from patients, loved ones, and caregivers. These tips are meant to ease the recovery experience for all involved after a surgery or procedure. This form can also be used for pets and children.

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“The Kristy” – Daily Food Log Form

An easy-to-use chart that helps keep track of food and drink consumed throughout the day broken down by mealtime. Keeping track of what you consume can be so important especially when taking certain medications that may have dietary restrictions. This form can also be used for pets and children.

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“The Lucy” – Tips for Taking Medications

Short and long-term forms. A brief summary of tips for those taking medications. We’ve gathered these tips from thousands of people who take medication regularly and wanted a quick reference guide to help make things user friendly. This form can also be used for pets and children.

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Leading Hospitals in Cancer Care

A quick guide of the leading cancer hospitals to keep in mind based on the US News and World Report Top 25 Rankings.

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National Cancer Institute Designated Hospitals (NCI)

A state-by-state directory of excellence in cancer advancement centers.

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Standout Cancer Hospitals (Breast, Colon, Lung, Prostate)

Breast, colon, lung and prostrate standout hospitals for cancer patients.

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Today’s Goals

Print it daily and focus your goals on whats important to you that day you need to get done…or not get done!! Ahh Breath!

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2019 Marijuana Map

Marijuana by state and where it is legalized, medical, decriminalized or illegal.

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Top 25 Cannabis Dispensaries

If cannabis is your thing, check out these top rated dispensaries. What they offer will blow you away.

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Winter Skin Tips

Keep your skin supple and nourished with these easy to follow tips.

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How To Save Money on Medicine

Fast guide to saving time and money on all your medication needs.

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Pet Care Safety Plan Checklist

Sometimes it just isn’t possible to bring your pets with you when you leave for vacation, or in an emergency. Having a pet sitter to stay at your home can help make the time you’re away a little less stressful for your pet and ease your mind. There are some things you should do before you leave, and here’s a comprehensive checklist to keep on hand.

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Pet Care Instructions

When we need to be away from our pets at home, we want to be sure they are safe and in good hands – with good information for their care. Here’s a Pet Care Instructions list to leave with your pet’s caretaker. Be sure to complete it in full to bring peace of mind to you – and comfort to your pet.

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It’s nearly impossible to navigate an increasingly complex medical system, and very few have direct access to doctors or places to discuss shared experiences. WebMD and hospital websites are clinical, and doctor calls go unreturned. All of these options lack the human touch that’s so important in a time of need.

Much of social media seems to be a platform to share the best of what is happening in one’s life—leaving those reading to feel like their lives are less than ideal. Hive80, on the other hand, is a platform where people share their problems and seek solutions. Roses and thorns. Challenges and Successes. People needing People.

We know need you help—access to immediate, trustworthy medical support. Welcome to Hive80.

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Dr. T.

Stay Healthy & Informed

Hive 80 is my new obsession. From a physician’s perspective, we need more this, and I’ll help them anyway I can with important conversations going on — JUUL, smoking, and overall health, and more.

Dr. T.
Bay Area, CA & International Surgeon
Laura C.

Pro Health & Nutrition Tips

Even as a semi-professional athlete, I still run into many questions and concerns regarding my body during training. Hive80 has offered me an abundance of information that has answered many questions I have had about fitness, nutrition and health.

Laura C.
San Ramon, CA
Kevin T.

Swap Stories & Advice

Health and fitness is my thing, and Hive80 has lots of info on it. It also has lots of people like me that I'm connecting with to swap personal stories and advice on the latest in the health craze.

Kevin T.
North Carolina

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